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Digital Service Consultant’s (DSC’s) foundation is that of a flexible, reliable Internet Service Provider. Starting with dial-up service so many years ago, DSC now offers everything from DSL to gigabit ethernet services to suite the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Getting your business online can be a daunting task. For any business, the key issue is getting the internet service you need without paying more than needed for the service. However, choosing between DSL, cable modem based services, or dedicated circuits like T1/T3 can be a tough decision for small businesses. For larger businesses, the need for point-to-point connections, BGP balanced circuits, and other large business-specific needs can present a challenge as network infrastructure grows.

No matter what size you business is, DSC can help you identify and provide the specific internet services that your business requires. DSC’s typically connections are based on DSL, cable modem, fiber, Metro Ethernet, and wireless backup. Typical carriers are AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Cox and Sprint/Verizon.